Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Mob Doctor Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

There you go guys, this coming September 17, 2012 we will be able to see the season premiere for the first season of “The Mob Doctor”, an upcoming medical procedural drama of FOX that is part of the 2012-2013 television network season. Series front liners are Jordana Spiro as Dr. Grace Devlin, William Forsythe as Alexander Constantine, Jaime Lee Kirchner as Olivia Watson, James Carpinello as Franco, Jesse Lee Soffer portraying the role if Danny Devlin and Zach Gilford as Brett Robinson. Don’t miss to watch the season premiere of The Mob Doctor Season 1 and be there to see the most exciting events that will be happening in here.

By the way the pilot episode of this series is set to premiere on the date specified above and make sure that you will gonna fail to watch The Mob Doctor Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot Online for in this episode, you will be able to see how Dr. Grace Devlin handle her situation of being in a two world that give on her life. She is the most promising surgeon of her age and later engage to the evil deeds of the mafia. Because of her brother debt to the mafia, she was force to work as a mob doctor to pay for her brother debt. She is facing an intense demand of being a surgeon and working off book for the mafia men.

As she tries to heed the demands of these two conflicting worlds, the people around her are not aware of this even her mother, boyfriend and her friends. The only person knows about her very dangerous and treacherous work is the mafia Southside boss, Constantine Alexander. I am certain that this is going to be an exciting and thrilling brand new series to watch and for sure it will gonna be a tremendous experience to watch.

This is another notable and extraordinary piece of work and two thumbs up for this. Don’t miss to watch The Mob Doctor Season 1 Episode 1 Online guys.  

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