Sunday, September 2, 2012

Meet and Greet The Voice Season 3 Judges and Mentors

Watch The Voice Season 3 Online – Oh common! I know that you are all in the deepest part of your excitement since one more week to go and yes, we will be able to see the much awaited and the grandest season premiere of The Voice for another astonishing season. The grandest and the spectacular season premiere of this phenomenal singing competition will about to see this coming September 10, 2012. Yes, you heard it right, season 3 premieres on September 10 at 8:00 p.m. so make sure and don’t fail to check out and watch The Voice Season 3 Season premiere and be there to witness the most exciting happenings on this season.

Absolutely, aside from being so excited to watch the season premiere, you are also excited perhaps regarding who will gonna be the judges mentors this time? Well, that would be our interesting topic as of today because in this very day, we will be able to know the following mentors for every team in this much awaited grandest singing competition show ever!

For those who in favored for team Christina Aguilera, this ever gorgeous and stunning singer actress is in partnership with none other than Billie Joe Armstrong as her mentor for this season. For team Cee Lo Green, the singer songwriter Rob Thomas will be there as his mentor, and team Blake Shelton, the ever charming singer songwriter and actor Michael Buble will gonna be his mentor. And last but not the least, for Maroon 5 lead vocalist, the singer songwriter, record producer and actress Mary J. Blige will be his partner mentor. Now that you meet the following mentors of the following set of judges, what do you think will be the upshot of these guys? These chosen mentors were really great and they are so good!

Now that you have already known the following set of mentors for this season, are you now getting more excited and getting more craving to watch The Voice Season 3 Episode 1 online? Make sure that you won’t miss it so that you won’t be able to miss the following happening in the episode 1, the blind auditions!

The Voice Season 3 Episode 1: The Blind Auditions, Part 1 will be this coming 10th of September 2012. 

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I am glad that this singing competition make it this far. I am supervising this show since the first season and I have this prediction that it will gonna make a mark on the audience who watched the show and it will not end just like that and I'm happy that it does, it happened! And now, The Voice is now on its third season and I am glad to hear this thing! And aside from this good news that they have back for good for another season, my heart is rejoicing that still, the four judges who made this show more fascinating and more captivating is still present and they didn't leave the show on its brand new season. Love to see this four awesome and talented judges once again for another exciting season!

I am proud of you guys!!!!

Maroon 5 was in the Philippines for the second time around and I am glad that I just dont see him in television because I have made it in personal and I saw him..

I love the voice!!!

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