Monday, August 13, 2012

Watch Glee Season 4 coming this September

Watch Glee Season 4 Online – The musical drama and comedy show is back! Yes its back! Glee is coming back for season 4 and I know that you are all happy to this news. I thought it the was the last season I should spent watching my favorite series, but I was wrong, because I will longer having a musical and comedy night watching it.

For sure, this series will no longer like the last previous three season. Expect for something different, something fun, something exciting, expect for more drama and more musical act in this brand new season. Glee Season 3 finale episode is the Mckinley’s High’s class graduation of 2012. The 2012 batch has been graduated, and this upcoming season will be more different as it used to be. I am looking forward for something new and something unique from the previous (3) seasons.

Ryan Murphy, the producer of the show said that this season will be more excessive and intense so make sure that you won’t miss to watch Glee Season 4 Episodes Online. Glee Season 4 just like the preceding season will contains 22 episodes, the setting is still at Mckinley High and will be followed of course by the same central main characters that will includes the newly graduated casts. Ryan Murphy confirmed that all regular cast members of the third season will be seen in the fourth season respectively, but not all will be doing 22 episodes in this season.

Watch Glee Season 4 Episode 1 Online premiere this September 13, they are moving a network but the timeslot would be. The musical show will remained on Fox TV but, the timeslot will no longer be the same. Glee would be moving on Thursday nights at 9 pm starting on September 17. Make sure not to miss to watch the season premiere and be there to witness what will be the exciting thing that will be shappening in this brand new season. Don’t miss also the performance of the Glee cast in this brand new season as they performed the different hit songs of Britney Spears and the phenomenal diva, Adele’s chasing pavements only here in Glee Season 4. For more updates and news tune in here at TV-ADDICTS and get updated!

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