Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Watch The Voice Season 3 Episode 1: The Blind Auditions, Part 1

Here we go again guys we are here in the first week of the blind auditions for another sensational and exciting brand new season, The Voice Season 3. Now guys, do you remember what special things occurred during the blind auditions? Well, that would be the most exciting part of this reality singing competition show, it’s when someone is singing on the stage while the judges didn’t know who is singing for they are not allowed to see who is singing unless they push the button to allow them to face the contestant and then they will offered that contestant to get coached by them and will be included on their team. But, it always the challenger options who will he or she want to be a mentor.

Now guys, speaking of that thing are now getting excited to the first phase? Well, if you did, then try not to fail to watch The Voice Season 3 Episode 1: The Blind Auditions, Part 1 and be there to see another amazing and incredible voice that will make a surprise to judges. This is blind auditions for the coaches Christina Aguilera, Adam Lavine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton. This the first phase where in they will chose a singers that has owned a very unique voice to start building up their teams.

Now, what more exciting aside from these ever thrilling and awe-inspiring blind auditions were the arguments, point of view and childish fight between the judges to get that certain challenger to be included on their team. And probably that would be the things and events I have missed watching in here and I will gonna make sure that I will gonna watch The Voice Season 3 Episode 1 Online and see to it not to fail to watch the most exciting thing that will happening in the part 1 of the blind auditions.

One more thing guys, the mentored is already complete for this season. Watch The Voice Season 3 Online and you will be able to see that nothing has change because all of the original coaches have signed for another contract for season three. New in the team are Mary J. Blige, Michael Bublé, Rob Thomas and Billie Joe Armstrong as advisers or mentor for Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera's teams. I know that you are getting excited to watch this upcoming show and probably you already mark down your calendar as another season begins.

Will you gonna watch The Voice Season 3 Episode 1: The Blind Auditions, Part 1? Make sure you will and don’t miss to catch the most exciting event that will happening in here. The Voice Season 3 Episode 1: The Blind Auditions, Part 1 will be air coming this September 10, 2012. 

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