Friday, August 31, 2012

New Glee Season 4 Posters

Watch Glee Season 4 Online - I know that you are all excited to view the much awaited comeback of this musical comedy series for another exciting and brand new season. And today is your lucky day because you will be able to see the new Glee Season 4 posters featuring the same old casts and the ever gorgeous and stunning Kate Hudson and Lea Michelle in one of the posters that you can see above.

That first poster has a tagline written, “Sometimes the Big Apple Bites” with Kate Hudson and Lea Michelle. Well, Kate Hudson is the new cast in Glee playing the role of Cassandra July, a tough dance instructor of Rachel at NYADA. Kate puts the letter “L” over the scared and frightens Rachel.  

The second poster that you can see below is a group shot including the entire old favorite cast together with some new fresh faces, and the highlights the new directions members. But something intrigues me while looking in this poster because I didn’t see Quinn (Diana Agron) in here. How about Finn? Yes, he is here in this group shot but what I mean is that, where did he go? Will he gonna be a military?

Well, that would be the exciting thing we are going to find out soon in this brand new season so make sure that you are not gonna miss to watch Glee Season 4 Episode 1 Online entitled “The New Rachel” airing this coming September 13, 2012.

So exciting!!!

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